We are a group of people concerned to develop an alternative to suburban nuclear family living with its particular pressures and limitations.  Many of us are discontented with the noise, foul air, water and food of the city, with our polluted environment.  We are concerned to get away from the overcrowding of city life.  Others are particularly concerned about the isolation and loneliness of suburban living, its increasingly high cost, the narrowness of the isolated nuclear family, the lack of community facilities and co-operative living.  We regret the superficiality of our human relationships within the suburban street, living near neighbours we didn’t choose, the isolation of the non-working  wife and the lack of continuous playmates for the children.  Others primarily concerned with education are dissatisfied with the alienation between learning and living as well as with the forms and content of education.  They see our intended community as an educational community:  a community that finds life and richness in the pursuit of individual and community development.

We plan to create a community education environment, a centre for learning how to live.  We seek to create a learning environment that facilitates full realisation of the members potential, a centre that involves people of all ages, where learning is throughout life and integrated within one’s living situation.  We base our learning on our environment and the people with whom we live.

In a more general sense, many of us are discontented with the mainstream of our society, the direction in which we are going.  We dislike the over-centralised nature of our society, our non-participation in the decisions that most personally affect us.  We resent being manipulated to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ and the competitive, violent and materialistic values that permeate the wider society.

Out of this concern we are creating a co-operative community with a diversity of personalities and lifestyles that enable us to shape our environment and live with people of our own choosing.  Our primary concerns are social, educational and ecological.

The mode of learning will be as diversified as possible to suit the needs of all of us.  Particularly where children are concerned, parents have different ideas on the learning of basic skills.  The emphasis, however, will be on the apprentice/learning exchange approach where all who wish to learn would seek out those who have some skill or insight to offer.  In short you learn how to do it yourself with the help of some friends.

Visitors may wish to visit us for a specific purpose rather than desire to immerse themselves in our whole way of living and learning.  They might take part in apprentice-style learning or seminar/workshops.  The influx of people for weekends and holidays may provide employment, full or part time, for members of the community.

However, we do not seek to create a tribal village with its restrictions on personal growth.  We cannot expect to be self-sufficient in knowledge and wisdom.  We will go beyond our community whenever it is beneficial.  The interchange should be fruitful to the members of the co-operative as well as to society at large.